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medical translation

Many  mistakes can be corrected, but medical field cannot have mistakes  since it is often related

Technical translation

The technical field is a rapidly expanding field spreading around the world in a short time

Commercial translation

Commercial translation cannot be defined as a single term as commercial translation

Translate videos

Translating videos is adding text below the video while keeping the audio

voice over translation

The translation and voiceover service is a professional visual translation


High quality simultaneous translation that exceeds your expectations and in a wide range of languages


appearance of the file, which means that its primary concern is the visual elements

Writing content

Drafting your ideas and converting them into written texts. We have books with a high level of talent

information about us

Certified Company overview
certified Company for certified translation services is more than just a company based on providing various and varied translation services with professionalism and quality but we are an entity that grows, develops and expands in improvement of translation services to be super in all fields of professional translation.


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intended meaning of texts and to emphasize the real significance.

Clients reviews

Intellectual rigor, deep knowledge of organizations and systems, and commitment to societies – for these reasons, an invaluable partner. The approved one of the reasons for success and cooperation between the countries of the world

No matter what translation is required, the certified team always has it, they have the capabilities and experience to provide the appropriate translation you need to move forward.

I have worked with them on translation services for my company’s website, and the result is excellent. I thank the author with all my heart

Ameena Adel
Sales and Marketing Paper industries
Omaima Ali
Chairperson Water Flow Company
Ahmed Fathy
marketing manager WebCave


  • Certified translation In certified company

    Certified translation In certified company  for professional translation services Certified translation should  be defined as documents or official papers translation carried on by a specialized and certified translation company. The service provider prints the translation on official paper accompanied by authenticity and conformity declaration with official seal as an attestation.   Certified papers or documents

    19 April، 2020
  • voice over translation, converting it into texts

    The translation and voiceover service is a professional visual translation, which includes translation of foreign shows and dubbing of artworks. We are the certified  company offer the best service in the whole of the Middle East. What is the importance of artistic translation, voiceover and dubbing? Indeed, the artistic translation service is related to visuals

    19 April، 2020
  • Medical Interpretation Services an Important Topic

    Medical interpretation is the act of converting spoken words in one language into another language in a medical context. Medical interpretation is a form of consecutive interpretation, meaning that one person speaks first, then the interpreter conveys the message to the listener. This is most often used with doctor-patient visits. This differs from simultaneous interpretation, where the

    19 April، 2020

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