certified translation office

The accredited center for accredited translation services is more than just an accredited translation office based on providing accredited translation services for all languages and various fields with professionalism and quality, but we are an entity that grows, expands, and extends in the development of translation services to excel in all fields of professional translation

certified translation

We are accredited translation office for all languages of the world, we provide professional services in all fields, and we have highly experienced specialists.

Creative thoughts

Creative ideas and a professional team working to satisfy all customers

Professional support

Responsiveness and high quality in providing translation services to the fullest and in Standard time

ترجمة قانونية معتمدة

Legal translation

The field of legal translation is one of the most important fields. Therefore, we provide a

ترجمة معتمدة لمقاطع الفديو

Video translation

distinguished service in legal translation, and we are accredited by the judicial authorities

ترجمة فورية انجليزى عربى


It is one of the most important fields of translation, and it is widely spread with the development of economic growth and international relations

مكتب ترجمة طبية
Medical translation

We provide an accredited translation service for all medical and pharmaceutical fields in a professional manner

مكتب ترجمة تقنية
Technical translation

The technology field is a rapidly growing field that is spreading all over the world in no time

ترجمة وتعليق صوتى

It is a recorded voiceover instead of the original sound in high quality

Accredited and professional translation office for all languages of the world

مكتب ترجمة معتمد

Arabic language

Certified translation of books, articles, and documents into Arabic with high quality
ترجمة معتمدة للغة الانجليزية

English language

Certified professional translation of files and documents into English.
ترجمة معتمدة للغة الفرنسية

French language

Translating documents into French with professional quality.
ترجمة معتمدة للغة الايطالية

Italian language

Professionally certified translation of all documents into Italian.

To inquire about our services

Do you have questions about the services of accredited translation offices? How can accredited translation services be provided and help you?

You can contact us through e-mail or direct contact and through WhatsApp from Saturday to Thursday 24 hours a day - we will be happy to talk to you.

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مكتب ترجمه معتمد

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accredited translation

Standards and quality in certified translation

We are committed to the scientific standards and rules for accredited translation services, considering our use of a highly experienced team of translators and proofreaders, to be the best accredited translation office ever.

  • Is there translation for all languages?

    • Indeed, there is a certified translation for all languages of the world, and we are distinguished by the adoption of our translation inside and outside Egypt by all governmental and private authorities.

  • Is there an online certified translation?

    • Yes, there is an online certified translation, where you can send the translation through the company's official email or WhatsApp number. We also have multiple payment methods, including Vodafone Cash, Visa and Fawry.

  • Is there more than one branch of the translation office?

    Indeed, we have more than one branch of the accredited Translation Center, so you must call first to find out the address of the Certified Translation Office branch closest to you or write an accredited translation office near me.

    certified translation center

    Accredited translation for embassies

    We offer a certified and professional translation service for all embassies of the world at the best prices and the highest quality. We also provide professional support after translation services. We always strive to provide an integrated service for all groups. The accredited translation center aims to always be the best. We have a  team that always strives for excellence in the field of certified translation distinguished

    مترجم فوري

    Interpreters for all languages

    We provide simultaneous translation services for all languages of the world and support them by providing sound devices and isolation cabins. We have more than 10 years of experience in organizing simultaneous interpretation for conferences and important meetings of companies, as well as organizing virtual conferences online.

    اتصل الان