online certified translation

The Certified Translation Center since its inception has been providing online certified translation services 24 hours a day since its establishment. At any time, 24 hours a day, You can get an online certified translation wherever you are and at any time, 24 hours a day. In the case that you can’t go to the nearest translation office for various reasons, you can communicate contact the Certified Translation Center Office and translate all your documents online, which saves your time and your effort. Also in addition, the Certified Translation Center has the service of delivering door-to-door delivery, which made the translation process very easy process.

online certified translation

Saving time and effort.

Be away from street crowding problems the problems of crowding in the streets.

Saving transportation expenses and the difficulty of searching for a certified translation office.

The quality of online translation is not less than the direct translation in the office, as well as it is possible to modify possible modify it at any time, and it is versatile.

Possibility to send the cost of translation online as a (pdf).

Online certified translation only takes a few seconds to photocopy the documents and send them through the company’s official mail or WhatsApp.

An Online Certified Translation Office

Branches of Online Certified Translation Offices

The Certified Office for Certified Translation Services is characterized by having three branches covering the whole area of Cairo and Giza region, to be nearest closer to our clients wherever they are. Our Branches are spread in several places starting from extend from the Settlement, passing through Downtown Cairo, to Sheikh Zayed, and our main branches are as follows:

  • Downtown Cairo Branch, Bab Al Louq.
  • New Cairo Branch, 3rd Settlement.
    • Sheikh Zayed Branch in the first district, Mohandessin Market.

In you can’t visit the Office in any of these branches, you can only send your documents online, and we will translate them and send them to you in more than one way, such as receiving a photocopy of the translation (soft copy) or sending a printed copy through shipping companies that cover all of Egypt’s governorates , such as Aramex or the Middle East, and sometimes the post office.

An Online Certified Translation Around the World

One of the most important advantages of online certified translation is that the service can be performed from anywhere in the world. Our Office many ways of requesting the by the multiplicity of service request interfaces through many foreign countries, as we have the advantage of distinguished by providing distinguished service, professional quality, and competitive prices as well. We have a distinguished base of international companies to which we provide service continuously.

Requirements for obtaining an Online Translation Service

In order to be able to obtain the service online, you have some available things, including: –

 Online payment accounts such as:

 PayPal – Easy Pay – MasterCard – Vodafone Cash – Insta Pay.

  Email or WhatsApp account to send and receive documents.

  Home address to receive the documents if you need them printed.

In conclusion, “The Certified Translation Office always seeks to be the best in everything. It also always wishes to listen to its clients’ advice and opinions to improve the service in order to be the best that you always wish for in the field of the certified translation.” We are always keen to seek to be the best-certified translation office in Cairo.

24 Hours Online Certified Translation

Our dear client, when you want to translate your documents online, just search for an online certified translation Office and contact us at any time as we are available 24 hours a day. We will always find contact you as soon as possible.

To contact and request the service

You can ask for our services at any time, 24 hours a day, by calling the following numbers: –



Or via Email:

Is it possible to send the translation online and receive it ?

 Yes, you can send documents online and receive them printed from the nearest branch to you at any time.

Are there any branches in Cairo?

Yes, we have more than one branch in Cairo and Giza to be near to you wherever you are. In addition, you can also receive the soft copy of the translation wherever you are inside or outside Egypt from anywhere in the world and pay dues online as well

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