The accredited Center for Certified Translation Services is the best accredited company for all foreign embassies, consulates, and government agencies inside and outside Egypt. We have certified and documented translation for all languages of the world, as well as simultaneous translation for conferences and important events for local and international companies, where we have a distinguished elite of certified interpreters for all languages. – We have a work team of certified translators before all Egyptian courts and prosecutions and the real estate registry, as these authorities require the existence of a certified translator profession in the national ID card, and we provide this service through the best accredited translators. – It is not just a company that provides various and varied translation services with professionalism and quality, but we are an entity that grows, expands and extents to provide the best translation services to excel in all fields of professional translation. – The accredited center is based on the efforts and expertise of a team specialized in many fields, and we are proud that we have a selection of the best translators and experts in all languages. – Our vision has been achieved that to be an active and distinguished member in the prosperity of the global translation industry and to be one of the best and leading companies in the field of providing translation services. We help clients to communicate all over the world through simultaneous translation over the phone and through various communication programs for all languages and dialects.- Why the accredited center is the best:- Because all the translations that we provide are accredited by foreign consulates and embassies and can be used as original, approved and certified documents.- Because we are always strive to achieve a balance between the three elements of managing any project, the best quality at the lowest price and in the shortest possible time, in order to help our customers reach their desired goal. – We are available around the clock and anywhere to reach our services to the best level of quality and perfection. We have a team of doctors and pharmacists specialized in medical translation, as well as a specialized team of lawyers in legal translation and a team specialized in all other fields. We also excel in providing documentation and certification services in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and embassies, and services for delivering translation requests to our customers’ places in order to save their time

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