Certified translation

CTE is providing translation as a Certified translation office In cairo  for professional translation services

Certified translation should  be defined as documents or official papers translation carried on by a specialized and certified translation company.

The service provider prints the translation on official paper accompanied by authenticity and conformity declaration with official seal as an attestation.  

Certified papers or documents should be dealt with as original papers. A copy of the original document is often attached.

The two documents shall be attached with the official seal to applicant through service provider to ensure that original document is not changed.

Certified  translation is a translation that fulfills the requirements set by concerned country, that allows its use in official procedures.

Why certified company is best for text translation services?

 • Certified  translation is a translation that fulfills the requirements set by concerned country, that allows its use in official procedures.

 • we provide an acknowledgment from the translator of his responsibility about linguistic accuracy and its intended purpose.

•  indeed, the conditions dealt with by translators vary greatly differentiate  from country to country.

•  In some countries, only state-appointed translators or specific experts are allowed to provide translation.

In other countries, however, translations are accepted by translator who is specialized in the original and target languages.

Text translation service

Certified company  for Professional Translation Services

There are countries in which a professional translator can perform a certified translation if he has the appropriate qualifications and those qualifications. Such qualifications should be determined by the country. It may include membership in some specific translation associations or acquisition of certain qualifications.

In Egypt, the certified translation requires only an acknowledgment from the translator certifying the authenticity and accuracy of the translation, along with the date and documentation of files in governmental agencies, embassies and entities.

certified translation office
Certified translation office

What fields of specialization in law should be provided by legal translation companies?

Is it possible to verify the identity of the translator?

• The identity of translator can be verified in the case of dealing with one specialized translator, but in the case of dealing with a specialized or certified office or company, the translator’s qualifications and contact information shall be available with specialized office or company. Translation should be certified  by authority will undertake the documentation process.

Where the documents are directed with the translator’s data to the authorities specialized in documentation, such as embassies, consulates, universities and international and foreign institutes.

We certified company guarantee that translators  who work with us is a specialist, professional and accredited and has a confirming certification.

generally, certified translation shall hold  the seal of certified translation company and accompanied by a legal declaration from company confirming that translation is identical to the original official document was translated.

Translation process shall be dated and signed with logo of the company. All contact details shall be provided  to ensure the correctness of the translation.

What is the difference between certified and non – certified translation?

• A non- certified or regular translation differs from certified translation in the documentation and declaration process submitted  to the clients with seals or declarations.

Also, regular or non – certified translation can be printed on white paper while the  certified  translation is printed on official correspondence paper.

Why certified translation office is important?

There is a collection of documents that shall be re-translated and certified, the most important of which are:

  • Academic degrees and transcripts.
  • Graduation certificates from colleges, universities and institutes.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Declarations.
  • Experience certificates.
  • ID cards.
  • Marriage contracts.
  • Labor contracts.
  • Title deeds.
  • Company invoices and account papers.
  • Commercial registry .
  • Tax cards.
  •  Recommendation letters.
  • Company incorporation contracts.
  • Letters of intent.
  • Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Police minutes.
  • minutes of boards of directors.
  • Passports .
  • assays and clearances.
  • Trade Agreements.
  • Criminal records.
  • Visas.
  • All documents that require documentation from official agencies and embassies to be translated from one language to another in an certified official capacity.
  • All of papers and documents should hold  the signature, declaration and to be documented in order to be dealt with in a country other than the one from which the original documents were issued.

What makes a certified translation good or bad?

The translation process is important since translators may commit mistakes due to their human nature.

Therefore, the proper translation process shall guarantee quality and consistency.

Unfortunately there are some translators who are translate without revision.

The quality of translation often depends on the translators’ competence, experience and background.

For such reason, translation companies that depend on the translator’s competencies should not only be selected, but those who are carried on  a strong revision?

To find  a professional translator with team of auditors is not an easy job.

We shall recognize that there are no reliable, effective, and practical methods to  identify a good translator. It is better to leave this task to the translation offices and translation companies. Otherwise, why would you use the translation office? Why do they work?

What is the importance of Certified translation office ?

If you want to to search or find an agency or company specialized in the fields translation, make sure that certified center company has high standards, best and the most skilled certified translators.

The company recruits qualified and professional translators. translators translate your documents at a high level f accuracy, which ensures that your work is trustworthy.

Also, through the company’s website, you have access to translators and work 24 hours a day.

One of the benefits is that the Certified translation office has a team that specializes in editing and reviewing before delivering documents to the customer to ensure all the powers, quality and accuracy.

we can say that the Certified translation office is one of the most important, sensitive that require  accurate translations, as it relates individuals and companies’ affairs.  it relates to translating personal and extremely important personal information and data conveying  from one language to another language.

Who is the beneficial from certified translation?

Individuals, companies, institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies benefit from Certified translation office services.

For example, individuals may require  certified translation when applying for study abroad, immigration, visa application, etc. companies may also benefit when needed to translate concession contracts, employment contracts, or any special documents of  Commercial exchange or cooperation in the fields of work. Also, institutions and official bodies may requires  to translate economic, or commercial reports or any other type of reports issued by international organizations.

Companies requires  certified translation when they want to translate concession contracts, employment contracts or documents related to commercial exchange or import and export, as well as trade and economic reports and all reports issued by international and multinational companies.

After the client gets the documents after translating them through the certified company, he immediately shall go to the official attestation body such as the attestation office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in case of travelling abroad or the real estate registration.

Therefore, this translation shall be carried out very carefully through professional specialists to be officially certified by embassies and consulates.

Is translation certified by all embassies?

We certified company for professional and legal translation services offer certified translation at all embassies, including the United States of America embassy, the Canadian embassy, the British embassy, the French embassy, other embassies and consulates. We also provide certified translation to all governmental  agencies and departments and real estate registration.

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